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Monday 9:30am
Tuesday 9.30am
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Thursday 9:30am
Friday 9:30am
Saturday 9:30am
Holydays 9:30am

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Saturday 10:00am – 10:30am

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Monday, Thursday & Friday from Mass until 11am


After Saturday morning Mass

6th Sunday of the Year – 12th February 2012

Fr. Michael writes:   The Gospel today tells how Jesus cured a leper by touching him.  Nowadays, we have no lepers among us, so one might ask:- “What is the relevance of this for us?” The importance of the Gospel is that the worst suffering of the leper was caused, not by leprosy itself, but by the consequences of it – being rejected by people.  The relevance for us lies there – in the people we reject, who we treat like “lepers”. The ‘leper’ is anyone I exclude or cut off anyone I look down on or despise. That person may even be living under my roof.  We can reject in small but subtle ways.  It may be in indifference the tone of my voice or a look.  The medical world tells us that it costs about £1 to cure a person of leprosy today.  What does it take to cure a person of rejection? A little dose of the oldest drug of all – love.  All of us have the capacity of love.6th Sunday of the Year


Sts Peter & Paul – 28th June 2015

Sts Peter & Paul

12th Sunday of the Year – 21st June 2015

12th Sunday of the Year

11th Sunday of the Year – 14th June 2015

11th Sunday of the Year

Corpus Christi – 07th June 2015

Corpus Christi

Trinity Sunday – 31st May 2015

Trinity Sunday

Pentecost Sunday – 24th May 2015

Pentecost Sunday

The Ascension of the Lord – 17th May 2015

Ascension of the Lord

6th Sunday of Easter – 10th May 2015

6th Sunday of Easter

5th Sunday of Easter – 03rd May 2015

5th Sunday of Easter

4th Sunday of Easter – 26th April 2015

4th Sunday of Easter